I think we have all, at one point, underestimated the weight and power of a woman's transformation. Transformations can take many forms over the course of a woman's life, first loves, tragedies, births, deaths, heartache, true love...and so many more. Whatever form they take, never for one moment, think they do not matter. That they are somehow, insignificant, to be buried and forgotten. 

Sometimes the transformations are slow and quiet; we might even overlook them. However, when a woman recognizes a transformation has taken hold, there is a spiritual and emotional reconciling, a shedding of skin, a knowing too great to disregard.

When one of these life affirming transformations takes place it creates new epigenetic coding, rewiring cellular inputs; fundamentally changing you. We are quietly shaken into a period of growth so intrinsic and natural it sometimes sneaks up us on. 

Never doubt the gravity of your transformation, no matter how big or how small; a new idea, a new perspective, or a new understanding that's taken hold. 

Welcome it. Welcome her, she is now you - love her despite her folly and confusion. But most of all, trust her...and listen to her new wisdom.  

June 15, 2022 — Anna Zepplin