Trust, Faith, and a little Fear

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Trust, Faith, and a little Fear

I recently had a major internal shift. I’m not entirely sure how it came about it. But I was sitting in my backyard and all of a sudden this knowing washed over me and it hit me so hard and so deep, I couldn’t deny it’s truth; I’m a master manifestor, I create my reality. I’ve always believed this to be true, but for the first time is seeped into my bones and spirit, and I knew it to be real, not just a thought. When the knowing struck, I also felt a deep trust in myself and my journey became cemented into reality.

I’ve struggled to lean into trusting the unknown. Especially after quitting my day job and jumping head first into the Brand. So much doubt, so much fear, so many what if's, can I do this? Am I capable? I was fraught with constant doubt. Now, I think those feelings are normal, they come with the territory of any major life change. A lesson one must learn and work through to get to the other side of faith.

I’m not totally fearless, sometimes doubt still creeps in when I have to pay off a large bill, or certain months are slow. But at some point, along the last year I realized I’m not afraid to fail. If I have to one day close up shop due to unforeseen circumstances, so be it. Stepping onto this new path and getting out of corporate America is what I needed to do. Taking the leap of faith made me realize I was in the wrong lane for the last 13 years. And while I assured my husband that if all failed I could always go back, I now know that I will never go back to where I was. To the career I used to have, long hours, time away from family, and a job that never really served my heart’s true desires and passions.

Sometime in the last five years I realized that I’m a creative who wants to work in fashion and the Brand is my road in. This adventure is like getting my degree in fashion marketing and design. I’m learning how to design, manufacture, produce, sell, market, and make real connections in the fashion space…it’s surreal. And something I never saw coming, it just slowly and naturally unfolded before me. 

I have no formal training, no mentor in this space teaching me how to do all these things. It’s been an expensive reality of trial and error, but damn what a ride! It’s given me a great sense of accomplishment, a deeper understanding of my capabilities and beautiful insight into my resilience and grit as a woman, business owner, and mother.

I’m proud of myself for all I’ve learned in the last year. And I’m so happy to finally fall into this deep trust and knowing that if I want it, I will make it happen. If my goals and actions are in alignment with my universal truth, I will succeed. It’s really that simple, and it’s really that deep. It may not happen on an accelerated timeline or overnight, but give me five to ten years to watch the magic unfold. I feel as though I’m walking through a new portal, that the last five years I was securing myself into a creative cocoon, and I’m finally emerging as a new woman who understands what she wants and who she is and how she wants to spend her time while here on earth. I’m not sure if it’s the new life growing inside of me, turning 35, or my deepened relationship with spirit but I’m so excited to step through this next portal of trust and faith, always in deep reverence, always in gratitude.

I share this with you not to sound cocky or "better than", but to let you know it took me almost five years to get here and a lot of inner work. Nothing is fast, nothing happens overnight, it's truly one foot in front of the other, trusting the unknown path, and following your hearts joy.

Thank you to everyone that has supported this journey, who has cheered me on and made me feel seen. I couldn’t do this without your support! Here’s to the exciting next chapter steeped in trust, and fueled with gratitude. 

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