BTS of FW '23

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BTS of FW '23
For this photoshoot I was channeling vintage 90’s Chanel and Schiaparelli. Classic black, red lips, a touch of glam, and a whole lot of big gold jewelry.
 I wanted it opulent, but a little mysterious. We shot this campaign at my house with an amazing team. My production team was small, with only a couple of creatives working together to make magic, @i_she_beauty for makeup, @lalobaphotography, and @hannaah.beee as our muse. I worked as creative director and stylist. Photoshoots are definitely one of my favorite aspects of the job.  I was very inspired by surrealist artists Salvador Dali and Daniel Roseberry - Artistic Director of Maison Schiaparelli. The last shots of the earrings on the jacket were heavily inspired by him. It was a last minute idea to throw the earrings on the jacket, but those photos happen to be some of my favorites of the whole shoot!
I truly think Daniel is one of the most influential artists of our time and is blurring the lines of art and fashion.
Many pieces from this collection were imported from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.  In September my husband and I took a short trip to Istanbul to see the sights, eat the amazing food, but mostly to visit the Grand Bazaar and look for artisans and dealers. I met an awesome jewelry maker named Murat and knew I had to bring some of his beautiful work back. They are all carefully handmade by little old men in Istanbul. They are colorful, bold, and sooo fabulous. He uses gorgeous natural stones and pearls to create wearable art and we’re so grateful to be in partnership with them and can’t wait for you to see what we’re bringing in for spring!
We also introduced 14kt solid gold into the shop. Because we love the durability and longevity of solid gold. We kept it dainty and cute with a Mama necklace and bracelet, petite studs, and simple dangle earrings. We tried to price them fairly so after everyday wear for a year, your price per wear is down to $1 a day, it’s basically free after two years #girlmath. Real gold is always an investment but a material that will outlive us all and hopefully be something you pass down to friends, family, or children…jewelry you can cherish forever. The simple solid gold jewelry will certainly become a mainstay. They were designed to live in, so don't worry about ever having to take them off. 
Each unique piece holds special meaning and was designed with intention and love. We hope you love our latest Winter Collection as much as we do.


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