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About Us

Zepplin the Label is a small woman owned jewelry business located in Southern California, founded in late 2020. 

Anna's affinity for gold and diamonds started on her trips to the jewelry shops in southern Italy. Every summer Anna would travel to Calabria to visit her family and during her visits she would always notice the beautiful jewelry the women of Italy wore. Always 18K gold, precious stones, good silver, and more often than not, heirloom pieces that were handed down from generation to generation.

When Anna was 15, her mother introduced her to a woman that taught her all the basics for jewelry making, beading, findings, and crafting methods. She began as as a hobbyist and then in 2015, after moving to Southern California, she began attending the local Gem and Mineral Society silver smithing and lapidary classes, where her love for making jewelry grew into more than just a hobby.  The seed of creativity and beauty had been planted and we've been watering the dream everyday since. 

Anna formally launched the brand in late 2020 soon before the birth of her second child. We all know what a crazy year that was, and it become very apparent that if she didn't make a shift and commit herself to this pursuit she would regret it for the rest of her life...So here we are. 

Zepplin the Label is dedicated to making women feel good, strong, and connected. Deeply spiritual in nature, we infuse our jewelry with totems, stories, meaning, symbolism, and love. We want to create jewelry that is meaningful to you, that empowers, activates, and connects your mind, body and, spirit. We want you to thoughtfully adorn your vessel with intention. 

We're not just a jewelry brand, we're a community of passionate, creative individuals who believe in living life to the fullest in a beautiful and consciousway. Our brand voice is playful, adventurous, and confident, just like our customers. We're here to help you discover your own unique style, whether that means stacking delicate rings or making a bold statement with a necklace. So whether you're looking for a special piece to mark a milestone, or simply want to treat yourself to something beautiful, ZtL is here to help you shine, from the inside out.